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heyyoli is designed by experts to nurture a profound sensual connection with your body and unlock the potential of pleasure.

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let heyyoli guide you & (re)-connect you to your body!

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audio-guided practices

we provide a diverse range of embodiment practices including movement, meditation, yoni touch, and the flexibility to customize your practice based on various categories. more info


what our users say

it's your pleasure!

"I've struggled with anxiety for most of my life and tried different healing methods. heyyoli helps me connect to my body, caters to my mental and emotional needs when it comes to assisting my nervous system & explore myself in a safe space! I'm so grateful."



"the heyyoli audios get you out of your head and into your body.🧡 The filter for the various practices is awesome because it lets you explore and tailor your experience depending on your needs - unique!"



"I loved everything about it: the sound of the speaker breath, loved the journey of my hands on my body, it helped me stay in the moment."



"I listened to the male voice yoni audio with my girlfriend. She liked them and she said it worked to relax."



"It helps to focus better & to improve my concentration! Perfect before work!"



"I really loved it, thank you! I combined it with watching myself in the mirror during the vulva touch part which really helped me connect to myself and feel more confident about my body."



"spicy, deep relaxation, love it!"



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what to expect

all our audio-guided practices are
in English
and you can choose between a female and a male voice

all our audio-guided practices are between 10-20 minutes
and designed to easily integrate into the daily life

you’ll get a brief explanation for every audio, what you might need to prepare and what to expect

2/3 of our audios are for all genders. But our explicit self-pleasure practices are for people with a yoni/vulva only (for now!)

use different filters to select the practice you need right now. Depending on your mood, favourite voice and privacy setting

no visual distraction.
Prepare your headphones

(best: bluetooth), turn off your phone notifications and let heyyoli guide you

our vision

redefining self-pleasure


(re)connect to your body

we aim to support and empower adults to (re)connect with their bodies in a mindful, sensual and pleasurable way.


(re)discover the potential of pleasure in your body

we seek to (re)introduce adults to the concept that nurturing a strong sensual and pleasurable connection with their bodies can have a profoundly positive influence on their life. We want to empower adults to go on this journey and discover their pleasure with the support of heyyoli.


(re)integrate pleasure into your daily life

we're on a mission to create awareness about integrating self-pleasure as a fundamental component of self-care in the daily routine. Our practices can have a profoundly positive influence on health and well-being.

get the early bird monthly membership now!

it's your pleasure!

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