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Love Atiya

Love Atiya is an Atlanta based Influencer best known for her bright personality, vibrant expressions & enticing promotions. She is the CEO of Ethereal, a vegan self care brand and host of "The Love Atiya Experience" podcast.


Diane-Sophie Durigon is the happy owner of the feminist concept store Le Pop Lingerie in Cologne. Her mission is to create a place where we all feel comfortable, that showcases the many facets of self-love and empowerment and that inspires us to dare to have more fun and pleasure. Le Pop Lingerie is her pop culture cosmos of sensuality and the things she likes: lingerie, toys, fairly produced goods and much more.

credit: Mona Schulzek


Nana ist Content Creative Unicorn bei einhorn und beschäftigt sich mit allen einhorny Themen wie dem Untenrummel, Fairstainability und New Work. Es geht vor allem um Aufklärung, Austausch, Enttabuisierung und Spaß. Einhorn macht gern Tamtam.

credit: einhorn


Julia Henchen ist systemische Paar- und Sexualtherapeutin und Sexualpädagogin. Seit mehr als 5 Jahren unterstützt sie Menschen dabei, ihre Sexualität so zu verstehen, dass sie ihre Lust und ihre Beziehung gestalten und leben können, wie sie es sich wünschen.

credit: Kim Hoss


Von der desperate Houswife zur Expertin der Lust – das beschreibt ihr Leben am besten. Gefrustet von der Ebbe im Bett machte sich die Journalistin auf die Suche nach ihrer Libido. Sie fand daran so großen Gefallen, dass sie heute mit ihrer Sex-Kolumne beim Stern, ihrem Blog, ihrem Buch „Endlich wieder Lust auf Sex!“ und natürlich auch als Coach Tausenden von Frauen, das Leben wieder versüßt.

credit: Katja Hentschel


Shari Klein (she/her) is the founder of the Pleasure Society. An Amsterdam based platform for sexuality. The Pleasure Society is your sexuality curator in helping you explore your sexuality in the form of pleasure products, services, stories and experiences. She organises erotic poetry nights, created a card game (the Pleasure Cards), hosts a monthly radio show on Amsterdam based radio station Echobox and creates concepts all around breaking taboos around sexuality.

credit: Connie Chow


Sanja is the founder of entzück dich selbst. In her research and a survey of over 500 women, she was shocked to discover how many women are ashamed of their way of masturbating simply because they do not masturbate according to the male gaze, i.e. lying on their backs and penetrating themselves. Riding pillows was on the one hand particularly popular and on the other hand associated with a lot of shame. She decided to de-taboo masturbation with pillows to create a collection of toys that are made for just that!

credit: Patrick Schwarz


Jeanie is a certified Somatic Breathworker, Bodyworker & Mental Health Coach. She developed a unique Emotional Release Method (the BERN method) which is guiding individuals towards emotional liberation and mental stability. Her safe, nurturing space enables clients and company teams to gain impactful transformation, EQ growth and psychosomatic pain relief.

credit: Saskia Wegner


Vivien D. LaFleur is the founder of Xia Pleasure Objects. The launch of the Xia One Dildo is the first step in a series of pleasure objects that aim to improve the quality standards of existing products on the market. Two more products are in development, after which Xia will focus on collaborations with designers and artists that help imagine other ways to implement our sex life. The company's goal is to keep growing slowly, ensuring that each step is beneficial beyond economic profitability, promoting a sustainable and thorough development of its products, guaranteeing care and quality.

credit: Xia Pleasure Objects


Lisa Opel, celebrated author and pleasure advocate, brings a unique realism to erotic literature in her book "GIVE IT TO ME!", available in audio, print, and ebook. Renowned for her insightful TEDx talk and a voice in podcasts and on TV, Lisa's work—including features on TV & podcasts internationally, and in collaborations with Skirt Club and the educational platform feel—champions sexual empowerment and exploration.

credit: Chris Zielecki

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